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    Hi there,

    Could you please tell me why my "stevecbns" profile has been banned. It says 1 month ban for flaming, and i have not flamed that much except on the raging and flaming section, and that was not that bad at all. I have also commented on the religious section, but have in no way insulted anybody there, and have just aired my views and experiences, from when i was in the Royal Marines, being lucky enough to travel to various parts of the world and see many types of religious beliefs.

    Could someone like @Liz or @Lehsyrus or @Prepix or @Dave84311 send some evidence of this transgression, and why it warrants a full 1 month ban.

    You have banned people for a week for advertising instead of a permanent ban, and then you ban me a for a month. There is no consistancy in this, so would ask if you would reconsider the ban....... I will behave in a better manner in the future if that what it takes, and apologise profusely.

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    1. You're banned for a day... Genius. 18 hours left.
    2. You flamed someone on a regular section. The post has since been deleted so I cannot link you to it.

    Please learn to read first before throwing some failing attempt at indignation over your ban length.

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