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    If you did not respect the others , No one will respect you

    @Liz i'm the7skulls
    You banned me for insulting him back ??!! and you didn't ban him ? !!
    you banned me because someone insulted my religion , my mother , my country and me
    so i can choose anyone in forums and insult him then i say it's the freedom of speech
    Do you have minds ?
    is that your rules ?
    The concept of ‘freedom of speech’ is derived from the Capitalist ideology that is based on the belief that God and religion should be separated from life’s affairs (secularism). Human beings define how to live their lives free of the constraints of religion which is why freedom of individual, ownership, religion and speech are essential cornerstones of Capitalism. The right to speak and what are the limits of speech are therefore all defined by human beings.
    This view completely contradicts Islam. In Islam it is the Creator of human beings Allah سبحانه وتعالى who gave the right of speech to people and defined the limits on what is acceptable and unacceptable speech.
    The Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم said: “Whosoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, then let him speak good (khair) or remain silent.”[Agreed upon. Narrated by Abu Hurayra.]

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    are you fucking serious ? again ?

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    God, you're dumb as all hell. Had he flamed YOU personally, that's one thing. Insulting a religion you just happen to be a fanatic of is not our problem. Flaming your country is also something that falls under opinion, and therefore free speech. Whether you agree with it or not, is not our problem, you can leave at any time. You flamed thunder when he was simply making a point, so I banned you. What you choose to do at home or in your personal life is your business, if you choose to worship a rock named Fifi that's your concern not ours, but do not expect us to shape our rules around you personally, simply because someone called Fifi a dumb rock. Anymore pointless disputes will cause your main to be banned for an extended period of time.

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