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    I read the rules of crossfire section and the general rules and the rules of releasing a thread and all rules in sections that I visit ! And I say that hannibal is creating his own rules only on me cuz he says he infracted me more than 4 times and then sayed Backdoor and iSmexy and others infracted me -_- What do you call that ?And Is there a rule says no tripple threads ? And About the 2 virus scan rule ! I always put 2 virus scan !! But I forgot this time ! Shouldn't he infract me and wait for me to add the missing virus scan ? No he just infraced me and banned me at the same moment ! And about that I don't want to hear from hannibal ? Didn't you see his post saying I can't deal with that RQ He is the one who said it not me No He infracted me and then banned me ! And gave me a message This is the 3ird time I infract you in 7 days ! Whitch means that he is the one who banned me -_- I accept your opinion cuz you said it politly And Hanniba; didn't infract me He infracted me and banned me in the same moment ! I was offline How should have given me a chance to add the missing virus scan ! But he didn't He banned me -_-
    Quote Originally Posted by Lion King View Post

    1. The Admins will review your dispute when they have the time for they are really busy at the moment.
    2. Where you stated that Hannibal created his rules on you, that is false.
    3. You stated that you read the rules of MPGH. I guess that is somewhat believeable, but within the forum or sections, there are still more rules.
    I assume you read the rules from MPGH - MultiPlayer Game Hacking & Cheats Rules but if you look closely in the crossfire section, there is also another thread in regarding to rules, which is
    4. Before you start stating that Hannibal created the rules and come up with some complaint, I suggest you rather not. More precisely, the forum has its rules, but the sections also have its own rules as I stated before. Though, rules are rules and whatever rules or concepts that are posted here at MPGH are the same wherever you go. Hannibal just posted the rules, and enforces them.
    5. I understand that you are feeling frustrated about being banned, but in all honesty, if you went in depth and took your warnings, you would be fine today.
    6. A 3 day ban is not really a lot. Time goes by really fast, and within those 3 days, it gives you an opportunity to reflect and think back what was wrong.
    7. Where you stated that you do not want to hear from Hannibal, that is kind of rude. By all means, I have no right to judge you, but from a perspective of mine, everyone has their own rights to prove themselves right or say what they believe in.
    8. In this case, Hannibal is just doing his job, and if he gave out a soft side, would anyone really learn from their mistakes?
    9. He didn't ban you, he just infracted you which practically is a warning.
    10. Honestly, once a person does something wrong, the person will eventually do it again. This is where Hannibal ultimately came in to give you that warning so you could avoid from doing it again. He technically helped you. Again, this is just my opinion.

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    Only one out of the three infractions you received is invalid. You can solicit for thanks+rep for releases.

    Ban lifted, that infraction you got will be reversed. The spamming one I'm a little iffy about, but it's definitely an unneeded post. The one about the missing virus scans will remain for sure since you did forget virus scans. So.... Looks like you didn't really read the rules 100%.


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