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    What is your problem Confin3d

    I'm getting a little irritated by you, the second time i have been banned because of you.. You report everything i do wrong to Flengo and he banns me every time without even talking to me first.. its getting highly annoying..

    I got banned this time for bumping my thread because you reported it.. I went to bed and woke up and it was 1 thread away from going onto the second page.. so i just did a friendly bump when i woke up, i really don't see the big problem, its a span of 12 hours between the bump :/

    and i guess flengo banns anyone you report.. atleast thats what it says on your profile.. so much crap man..


    @Liz can you give me a break? Im new to marketplace and still learning about it.. i just wanted to make a little bit of money.. But i keep getitng banned for messing up.. i am only human and i do make mistakes, i believe a ban till the 1st of november is a lil much :/

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    Just because you're new doesn't mean you're immune. I lifted your ban out of grace since you didn't know last time hoping you would read the rules again and the sectional rules. But you didn't! Oh and I don't need to "talk" to you about what you did wrong lol...we don't do that.

    You posted 13 hours into the thread, and then again 2 hours after the first bump. Its a 3 day ban since you have a total of 3 infraction points. Constant mistakes leads to a higher ban. Its automated, I didn't set it.

    I didn't initially ban you. I gave you an infraction. Its an automated ban. You don't even know who reports shit. Whatever users report gets checked over by all GMOD's and we initially decide whether to take further action or not.

    I did since I warned you about a day ago and you continued. Your fault. Pointless dispute.

    Valid infraction, valid automated ban.
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