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    Angry what flengo said about my website IS INCORRECT for supercarz1991

    Since i can't post links, i can't even quote or do the mentioning of flengo and genesis in here...

    what flengo said about our site is 100% untrue. We actually BAN for hack use. it's not tolerated on our site at all.

    for flengo: the reason i care suddenly? I don't like crooked staff, and would like to see you burn for posting false information

    For hero: the site is entirely about game developement. We will NEVER have hacks, we BAN for hack use. I'll send you a link to the website right here, right now for you to check it. There's NO hacking allowed on my site. This is the background info from one of my posts directly on my forum

    Last night, ex-admin genesis wasn't very happy with us. We had him here to setup and maintain the site in the ways of adding plugins, making sure it was properly backed up daily etc. He had started slacking and wasn't doing almost anything. The work he did do was GREAT, but i honestly finally called him out on it. Instead of staying civil, he got angry at Zach and I and destroyed the site as we knew it. We had to change ALL the passwords (even personal passwords) as well as completely revamp the site entirely!

    his site will in no way ever endorse hacking in anyway. if you are found to be hacking any game hosted here on our site, you will be banned on the spot and any donations will NOT be refunded.
    flengo has been defending genesis in everything he has done thus far.

    it's NOT a "game hacking" site. Flengo was defending genesis through all of this as well. Genesis is that other site "admin." and he's an ex admin due to the fact he was shelling the site and just straight up not helping with it at all. The only admins are Zach and I, we have agreed to NEVER have hacks, it's not what the sites about.

    i know the rules to this site, you really think i'd be stupid enough to share a link to a site that could even possibly pose as competition from my main account? i would have used a throw away account.

    On top of all that, I know the guy i send the PM to wouldn't report it. So there was no report unless it came from someone like flengo or genesis digging some how through my pm's to get dirt on me and a way to ban me.

    btw, little exploit here on mpgh, can't mention as a new member... so guess what...
    Quote Originally Posted by Hero
    fake quoting ftw
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    The evidence was you guys discussing it inside a thread lol.

    Still considered advertising. Your ban was reduced to 5 days anyway. You've been here forever. You should know advertising isn't permitted.

    Reduced it to 3 days
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