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    Out of curiosity

    Why was my main account ( ) banned?
    I'll just go out on a limb here and say it was because of this thread:
    It says I was banned for flaming and spamming Me and kane know each other from an outside source, and that's just how we type to each other. I wasn't flaming anyone else, and I made sure to stay on topic (half of which was spent trying to convince Royce that kane wasn't ethen). We were just having fun, really.

    Honestly, I just think a ban is harsh. A move to the spam / flame section would have been much more appropriate, rather than just banning us with no infractions / warnings.

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    If it was a single post, an infraction would have sufficed. Flaming/Raging in General, is generally enforced more strictly than in other forums.

    No matter who you were flaming, it can't be done outside the flame section. The rules state a ban for flaming outside of the flaming section.

    Which is what was done. Would have moved it to flame but it really wasn't a flame thread with any real reason. It was just him "calling you out" and really that can be done elsewhere. Also considering since the posts were leading basically to bullshit spam.

    You were both banned for basically the same reasons.
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