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    I release how much i fucked up, I am sorry.

    Wasn't quite sure where to post this I couldn't find a ban appeal section so I will place it here.

    Let's start off with what I do, I was banned for selling the domain mgph with a different TLD then with the prefix "Huge ratting opportunity" The thread was up for a couple of hours on on another forum before i edited it down but clearly someone saw it and took offense. My original thought was to put a screamer on it as a prank to do but i figured I could make profit from it, I DID NOT ORIGINALLY BUY THE DOMAIN TO RAT PEOPLE! Obviously i fucked up hard and will have to give up any position i have hoped for on MPGH (MM, minion etc) which I will gladly do to be unbanned.

    I spend a large amount of hours on MPGH every day and I really enjoy it, I release what type of mistake I made and took the thread down. I would VERY much like a second chance. I will happily give up my donator etc and have all my posts / rep / thanks reset just for ACCESS to MPGH.

    Do i get a second opportunity? The domain is gone and I will give the higher up login to the domain cpanel to do as you wish. I GOT 2 OFFER FOR IT AND DIDNT SELL IT AFTER I REMOVED IT. Only way people knew was because of the title.

    PLEASE PLEASE Give me a second opportunity to be part of this community I am personally not involved in ratting and never post programs here.

    I spend a huge amount of time here reporting posts and i REALLY wish I didn't throw it away. I try to make the marketplace more clean etc and my intention was only to make profit and i was surprised the domain was available. If I am not unbanned I will still give the domain to the higher ups. I love MPGH either way.

    (The people I tagged was to let them know what a idiot I was, I'm not going to hide it I know i fucked up hard.


    I realize I say the same thing over and over, I'm pretty shocked right now on how stupid I was. I do care about MPGH and don't just post, alot of the time all I do is report people in the marketplace. I am committed and dedicated to MPGH.
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    OP asked me to mention them for him as he can't mention people.

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