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    xKickAss ban

    Sorry if i'm posting another thread by symmetrical keep not accepting me on skype, so i had to do another for post the whole story.
    About impersonating symmetrical, yes, I'm involved with it.
    A friend contacted me speaking about free money by scamming cf accounts, and firstly i accepted as he said he was going to sell account and do everything, and give me 50%, my only work was scamming account.
    Then when i scammed first person I started feeling bad for him (Ps: I scammed 1 person in total), so i stopped this work, gave back account (i simply put back old info to email and account, and it was a flagged account) and report the impersonator.
    It's the whole story, i'm requesting unban if possible as the only scammed person got back his account.
    Anyway i would personally say sorry to symmetrical for impersonally him, also if it wasn't my idea, and if he wants (and if owner didn't change password) i can give him the account for delete it.
    For more info ask me down here. I really hope to get unbanned, as i gave back the only scammed account to owner and as I'm not cut out to be a thief, I'd only sell some ebooks now, and if I'll be unbanned and blacklisted and wont have permission to sell ebooks in anyway i'll just giveback it hoping someone gonna use my referal account.
    Thanks, xKickAss.

    Ps: Flengo stop banning me without reason without i talk with another staff member that isn't you. After i gave back a flagged account i have the rights to despude.
    Ps2: Please someone mention symmetrical

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    @ @Symmetrical
    Aldoh it's probably in vain

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    You ain't anybody special. People like you, or similar to you, have gotten the same treatment. You'll get the same.

    Usually when someone scams, we tell them to refund or return. You didn't admit to it. You probably reported the impostor to gain some recognition or some shit.

    You lied about not being the impostor. If you would have admitted it at first, it would have been a little better. After you were banned, you still insisted.

    You scammed by impersonating staff. You did two things.

    You didn't seem to feel that guilty or bad about it. You only did since we caught on to it.

    Peace out yo.
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