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    Forza4334 Ban Info?

    I don't know which one of you banned Forza for ban evasion but ya'll are messing up my nap so can you please say which user he had before that matched his IP for the evasion?

    <16:19:39> "Forza4334": I got banned
    <16:19:46> "Forza4334": for an evasion
    <16:19:51> "Color - Nap": What do you want me to do about it...
    <16:20:27> "Forza4334": Just to talk to them, to see how they think that i have being banned before
    <16:21:05> "Color - Nap": Your IP matched someone else's
    <16:21:08> "Color - Nap": obviously
    <16:22:46> "Forza4334": I dont think that was the reason because there is guy that was here on teamspeak and he got banned before
    <16:22:55> "Forza4334": and he dasen't being banned
    <16:23:13> "Color - Nap": Doesn't mean they have to be banned on mpgh..
    <16:23:21> "Color - Nap": TS has no relation to mpgh.
    <16:23:36> "Forza4334": No, he was also not banned on MPGH
    <16:24:10> "Color - Nap": What's your point...
    Apologize in advance for the stupidity.

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    Banned by @Hero he can probably explain it a little better, or contact the OMM who requested the ban.

    3 (Dominican, felipe & Foza) are banned. Dominican for ban evasion as well. Original account Felipe. original dispute

    Same reason. Don't know if he attempted to go back into the marketplace or what.
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    You are a former scammer known as rosadian15. Rosadian15 was banned for scamming. felipe was banned for ban evading since you were on that account while being permanently banned on rosadian15 scamming. Same thing with dominican. You are an alt of felipe, dominican and rosadian. So it your account gets banned for ban evasion as well. Plain and simple.

    Liz's SS shows it all through IPs.
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