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    Ask for an "accept back".

    Alright. I was banned for like 1 year ago. Then I got accepted back by a mistake from one of the omm's from the crossfire section for some weeks ago. The mistake was that he accepted me back without telling the other omm's etc. I have promised him to keep his name out of the thread.

    Reason why I was banned an why I want to get accepted back:

    I was a legit trader and were doing some deals with a guy called pourpre/natsu fire. I thought he was like a good freind of mine and a legit trader. When I was new at mpgh he sold me this account for 20$: it was before the farm time so I thought it was a good deal because of the rank. Today ik that the deal was bad but back then when I was new accepted it. From there everything was clean and smooth. I did some other deals etc. Then Pourpre / natsu fire (can link his skype later) links this account: I bought an second lt some weeks before for 20$ and now he was offering me a first lt for 4$.

    I was a year younger and a year more unexperienced so I was like that rank and only 4 dollars. Today ik that it's not even worth 4. I was like very suspicious. I asked him "Is everything legit with the acc?" "Is the acc fine" "How could it be so cheap compared to the othr acc" He was like "Np bor the acc is fine don't worry so much". So I sent him 4$ without omm after he guaranteed me that the acc was fine. Guess what? When I log into it it's was crashed. It had a repair cost for ~100k. I can remeber that I asked him this to. Does it have all the wepons on the page? You haven't sold anyone? And the weapons aren't like crashed etc? Everything is fine? And he told me soooo many times yeah it's fine. I was really pissed. Told him: "Send my 4 dollars back and i'll give you your acc" He said no and liked laughed at me. Then he blocked me at skype I guess or he just went offline not sure.

    I took my 4$ back. Then he unblocked me and raged at me. First I said you tried to scam me so I will keep the acc until you explain why. Then he opened a scam report against me. I was really pist all the time and was like a kiddie in the thread. Then Sym? gave me one hour to recover it and later they expanded it to 24h. First I said like I want an excuse and I wanted to know why you lied to a freind. After like 26-30h I gave him the acc back because I felt really bad. I'm not kidding about it like i'm not a scammer so I felt bad and hade like bad confidence. Then after a while I realiesd I was banned on mpgh. So I became pretty sad etc. Then I did some alts to try to explain and get accepted back but idk how I should contact. Then Wumbo helped me to contact you since I have like 50+ trades and 30+ on skype this years since I couldn't use mpgh that much. Now I was like very happy to get a second chance and hope I can get it. Because dude I'm the MOST mar my word MOST legit person you will ever find and mpgh needs traders like me. Check my vouches and ask members they will just talk good about me.

    As you can see I got pretty much vouches atm. I'm also one of the most legit traders for crossfire accounts and there are many members that gladly would vouch for me again. Have done trades for a value up to 200$ and there has never been any problems. Also the CF section is pretty dead atm so in my opinion you should keep the legit traders who can hold the market up so i'm asking for a second chance since I tought that my bann was wrong.

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    So are you saying a Middleman accepted you back, and he knew that you are a banned scammer @Flengo @BACKD00R @Hero @Liz @Hugo Boss

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    No you're not getting a second chance. You scammed someone and that's that. It doesn't matter if you're more "experienced". Second chances aren't handed out here.

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