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    I will NOT add you to do trades with you. Always ask me to send you a PM/VM when you add me on Skype.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AmazonBUY4U View Post
    Youre a fucking nobody. He refunded the guy you piece of shit, why don't you give him credit for that you stupid fat fuck keyboard warrior who thinks he's so smart cus he can do IP checks
    I am somebody
    Ok he did but that doesn't prove he won't scam again
    Credit given
    I ain't fat.. I'm pretty skinny (damn my fast metabolism)
    Well, I am smart enough not to give a potential scammer another chance

    Quote Originally Posted by AmazonBUY4U View Post
    You guys are all awful people. I hope you go to hell MPGH. Especially you riddick and flengo, Allen and symmetrical
    So, just because we don't give someone a chance to scam means we're awful people and we deserve to go to hell?
    Alrighty then

    and take care
    @Hero @Flengo @BACKD00R
    Close please

    My Skype: -
    (Always ask for confirmation before and after adding me on Skype)


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