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    Darklordxyz is such a liar

    You never said anything about it being 6 am where you stay at. you wanted to hurry us up so u can watch some dumbass show. Im going to post the entire convo and this dumbass doesn't say nothing about it being 6 am.

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    This belongs in Staff Disputes I believe.
    @Flengo @Symmetrical @Busted! @Liz

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    I will NOT add you to do trades with you. Always ask me to send you a PM/VM when you add me on Skype.
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    Quote Originally Posted by koolychi77738 View Post
    You never said anything about it being 6 am where you stay at. you wanted to hurry us up so u can watch some dumbass show. Im going to post the entire convo and this dumbass doesn't say nothing about it being 6 am.
    Being a Middleman does not mean We're slaves to traders.
    A Middleman does have a life, they are not forced to do their jobs..
    We don't even get paid for our service.

    It's just a voluntary work so have some gratitude.

    I will give you 24 hours to apologize to @DarkLordXYZ or you will be banned for Staff Disrespect.

    and btw, you live in the US
    Darklordxyz lives on the opposite side of the US
    6pm your time is 6am his time

    He stayed up that late just to help you and you keep wasting more time

    My Skype: -
    (Always ask for confirmation before and after adding me on Skype)


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    "You never said anything about it being 6 am where you stay at. you wanted to hurry us up so u can watch some dumbass show."
    1. I said I have 20 minutes left.
    2. I'm pretty sure that when I messaged you it showed the time under my name.
    3. It wasn't a show, it was something I was supposed to attend with some friends of mine. That's why I told you I have 20 minutes. And that's the exact same reason I was online. I waited over 3 hours for this knowing that if I fall asleep I won't be able to wake up. And instead of just ignoring you, I accepted the trade. Then again you totally ignored this, you didn't even care to reply fast. I told you exactly what was going on:
    "okay if you seirously don't step on it guys I'll leave
    [10/4/2014 5:57:00 AM] DarkLordXYZ: I've got 20 minutes
    [10/4/2014 5:57:03 AM] DarkLordXYZ: this shouldn't take 5
    [10/4/2014 5:57:05 AM] DarkLordXYZ: .."
    but no, you ignore this and don't give a shit about what I have to go for.
    And seems like you can copy-paste the links just fine, So why couldn't you copy the damn code and paste it in the app? Was it too difficult? Or I had some type of charm that worked? It took what? 10 minutes to get the thing to work? Not only, you say that no OMM uses the trading app and it's only who should use and go further to say why are you using it.. I had every possible right to snap at you. Any person would have done the same exact thing. And no, you don't admit your fault or even apologize, you still go on as if you didn't do anything wrong. You expect me to shut the hell up and go on? You see, if I ever, ever, think I offended someone on skype, even with a reason, and they apologize to me or at least show that it's their fault, I apologize at the end of the trade but you were sassy enough as to not apologize.
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    My skype: PM me for my skype.
    Make sure to check with me first on the website before adding me on skype

    Make sure to use an OMM for all your trades for a safer trade
    Need an OMM? Just want to talk? VM/PM


    Quote Originally Posted by Dave84311 View Post

    I look like an emo bitch.
    Quote Originally Posted by x00u View Post
    Your moms so fat her ESP Box is in another dimension.
    Quote Originally Posted by Royce View Post

    Lol, man, I see why i cant get staff, cause people still hate me for no reason like you, Always rude to me.

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    @Symmetrical I'm not going to ban OP, but OP you should show more respect to the middleman's next time.

    No consequences will be given... This is just a simple misunderstanding between you two. We don't need disputes like this since it's pointless.

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