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    Ban Appeal

    Hello, I'm here to appeal the ban on my main account; ipwnin1080p.

    I was banned permanantly for advertising. I'm positive it was for the thread I posted on where a guy was asking what hack was being used in a picture of robocraft. I had used periods to "bypass" the filtering.

    I know my ban was justified after re-reading the rules page.
    I'm sorry for what I did, but honestly I didn't know it could be considered advertising for saying a company's name.

    Nevertheless, I'm sorry for what I did, and I would be very grateful to be unbanned. If I am unbanned, I'll never do it again.
    This is literally the only forum I'm excessively active on, and I've been trying to build my reputation up.

    If i'm not unbanned I'll understand, I know it was rightful, but I'm just asking for another chance.

    Also, sorry if this is in the wrong section, I saw others posting appeals here...
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    Ban has been reduced to two (2) days. Advertising again, would reinstate the permanent ban.

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