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    Quote Originally Posted by GTX970 View Post
    i accept the terms.
    but i will report the rule breaking threads and posts forever ? or for a certain period of time ?
    If Liz doesn't accept then so be it.
    You won't be allowed back..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Symmetrical View Post

    If Liz doesn't accept then so be it.
    You won't be allowed back..
    okey .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave's Sheep #2 View Post
    My opinion is that you do not get unbanned. Reason's simple. If you were to successfully impersonate Ravallo and got off with the goods you wouldn't be even thinking the least to come back here unless you want to scam. The sole reason that had you think of scamming in the first place will definitely be the motive for the upcoming one.
    I didn't even scamm anybody with the impersonating him,I was going to but i got banned and i got scammed by anthore guy ( AND I TOTALY DESERVER IT,Because i was a kid and won't understand anything ).
    I am not even thinking of scamming again and the reason is simple. If i want to scamm i would make anthore account and scamm and no one would notice me( untill i ran with the goods ),And if i really want to scamm i wouldn't even made this thread or even talk to Symmetrical about my problem.

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    You get to keep this account, blacklist added. Message an omm or myself when it is up. Going into the marketplace would void the terms, and you will be banned immediately.

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