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    Quote Originally Posted by Color View Post

    What he says goes, talk to him now if you have anymore problems.
    So I can get the run around again? NO THANK YOU. My problem is with you. If Dave can't even handle simple shit like this it's says enough. When his mods have shit for brains and no morals whatsoever then there is no point. You clearly showed what you guys are about and slowly but surely you guys will keep being exposed. Thankyou for this lesson COLOR it's priceless.

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    I can see Dave's view. You have no intentions of releasing it yourself here. If you did, we wouldn't have any questions in taking it down. But since you don't want to release it yourself, he doesn't care. Releasing the hack benefits the site and the section.

    If you change your mind and want to release it yourself, let us know. Final say has been given by Dave already, and it makes sense.
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