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    Request to Unbann Main

    The maturity level at which I was showing during my time on MPGH was that of a sexually frustrated 13 year old. Every thread I entered I submitted completely unnecessary remarks to anyone for any reason. I landed myself in the CS spotlight and I guess it got to my head. I felt the need to insult, talk shit, or just completely change the topic of the thread because I found it tasteless. The fact that I felt the need to do all that shows that I was immature. I don't have any excuses for my actions but I do see what I did as a learning experience, "What not to do when you are part of a forum". MPGH has been a place where I go to kill time, talk to some interesting people, share creations, help people out from time to time, and I have been coming here for years. My first account was created when I was just 12 years old, I'm now 19 going on 20 and I just feel MPGH as being apart of my childhood. I just want to be able to keep this part of my childhood alive for many more years because sometimes its good to get away from the real world and feel like a kid again.

    I would also like to make a huge apology to @arunforce . Dude the things I said to you were extremely out of line, most of them being directed towards your game. I called out BT countless times and whatever I said about it then, well I would like to take it back now. Though I'm still not a fan of the game, you are and you have many others who are fans. The hatred I showed towards you and your game was a reflection of my true feelings that I was jealous of someone who had the ability to create a game and have a fan base. Maybe that success is what got to me. Arun, I'll sorry dude and I hope you can forgive my immaturity.


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    I got the admin opinion(s).

    Unbanned. Last and only chance, if you keep flaming and shitpost again you're gone forever.

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