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    Thread deleted and infraction received

    Alright, so i recently opened a new part for my shop that include's selling csgo gift's - i had made the thread nothing wrong been up for a couple of days sold 2 copies so ofc i went into my thread to bump it again with the information that 2 copies sold, i manage to post it and there goes around 30 seconds my buyer managed to post his vouch and bam thread deleted with the reason "No Proof Given"... Cmon, i forgot that i had to upload a image showing i actually have the items in my inventory, i forgot and i apologize but deleting the thread instead of giving a warning is absurd.

    I also received an infraction for "Bumping Threads or Posting in a Thread Older Than 30 Days", which is also wrong i used my daily bump on my thread and the thread haven't been inactive for 30 days.

    User i am referring to as abuser is: | NormenJaydenFBI

    Sorry for the wall of text.

    Thanks to @kennyltam for telling me where to post.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I do believe that deleting the whole thread and the vouches are a bit harsh, considering @NormenJaydenFBI could have posted on the thread and informed @Siea to add proof. I believe that a simple post rather than a deletion of the thread is more appropriate.
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    Restored your thread. Post a reply with some proof and mention me once done. I'll add it to your main post.

    For the warning (it was just a warning) it was valid since you're only allowed to bump your marketplace thread once every 24 hours from the last post in it. We just use the same infraction option as it also applies to bumping threads. Nothing to worry about, just a warning

    Anyway, just post some kind of proof in your thread and I'll add it. Be sure to remember it from the start next time.
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