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    Ban Appeal. Evidence against me fraudulent.

    My main account smurf_master was banned for scamming/selling hacks
    My profile /forummber.php?u=1906540

    I made this account to appeal my ban and present evidence in my defense.
    Here is a link to my accusers thread:

    I have a collection of evidence regarding my ban and proof that the pictures and conversation used against me was faked with Photoshop or a similar program.
    Can't post links because of my new account and was unable to post on my banned account.

    Attached in my entire conversation from start to finish with my accuser. "Greeni" skype: greenyep
    If you notice the skype name is the same as the one in his fake screenshots.

    Proof that all I sold him was a gear set for 5EU. Which he was delivered when payment was received.

    Screenshot in the skype conversation of my denial of the first payment as goods and services:

    Screenshot of 2nd payment for 5EU as friends/family accepted:

    If you notice the time matches between the accepted payment for 5EU and the fake screenshot. Also in the "Remarque" or Note (english) it says "gear"
    Obviously used as a template for the fake.
    On the fake paypal screenshot you can also notice it still says 5EURS, in the "objet" or subject title(english).

    Circled below

    Original "fake " picture found here:FAKE -
    Found in my accusers thread found here:

    Actual paypal transaction made

    Still have him added aswell. Never deleted his skype

    I am 100% open to screenshareing live and total transparency.
    I believe I am being wrongly targeted by competing gear serivces..
    I have also no reason to ruin my reputation and service. I have many satisfied customers and I do not sell hacks nor do I scam my customers.
    I have been a member of MPGH since March 2013, and consider it a privilege to be a member.

    Happy to join TS/Skype/Voice chat if further proof or discussion.

    Edit:Upon further investigation I've found out that my accuser uses the same paypal as Juazy
    screenshot a customer sent of me him purchasing hacks from Juazy.

    This further makes me conclude that I have been the target of an unjust fake scam report.
    Thanks for your time.
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    Further evidence of my accuser/scammer

    If you notice the same paypal as the fake account who made the false report.

    Msgd from Juazys main skype that he uses on MPGH.

    His gear selling thread found here.

    If you now notice he's reselling my gear set along with using the same graphic that I originally posted here 2 weeks ago. 10375591
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    Smurf wanted you guys to be mentioned so,
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    I had the OP screenshare, apparently, the Transaction ID found in this thread is fake :
    OP is correct, @Liz @Flengo @Hero @arunforce please unban @smurf_master because he's innocent, and then ban @izichtankule for posting fake proof, and @Juazey for being linked with him ( same paypal )
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