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    No reason for ban i'm notsome

    I'm not any one scammer alt okey.. um yoville society ..
    Kushgod reported someone why i got banned then?
    i'm keep using vpns maybe he used my same programm server it gives the same network.
    I'm not a scammer and i wont be.
    I'm not the scammer, it was pedroic..
    scam repor by someone called Kushwizard
    It's free android VPN.
    My acc got banned
    Reason scammer alt 0.o
    i meant that my programm which for androids isn't for me only..
    it has Global , france , canda , us , germany VPNs
    it's been used by over 1million user! Might hr used my same vpn server thats i'm tryinf to say when you use the same vpn lile france it makes you and the other person from the same network..I don't want to give justifications, but as fact i'm not a fuckin scammer.
    you should knoe this!
    Unfair , also i'm innocent.
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    I will NOT add you to do trades with you. Always ask me to send you a PM/VM when you add me on Skype.
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    @ @ujhasdlkasdhi
    Your bullsh*t VPN excuse won't work here
    The IP that matches you and Pedroic are the same and not a VPN IP
    The Skype IP of the impersonator of FanticSteal and -iamtheone- also matches your IP
    and when Pedroic joined MPGH, you vouched for him and he vouched for you.
    You also viewed his profile during the scam attempt.

    I'm 100% sure you both are the same user.

    Leave MPGH and never come back

    My Skype: -
    (Always ask for confirmation before and after adding me on Skype)


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