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    ban appeal Zoee

    hello I uploaded and posted a outside link on the forums. And within one hour I was perm banned on my account name : Zoee

    I am sorry for posting a outside link I will never post another one please give me my account back I log on here daily.

    I'm very sorry that I did it I just wanted to get stuff moving quicker please at least give em a pardon.

    Maybe not a permanent ban, I didn't read the rules and I should have i'm very sorry please.

    I post stuff giveaways and help with what I can, please over look my ban and give me another chance. Please Please

    It had no virus or anything in it or anything like that I'm sorry please un ban me.

    I should have read the rules and I know I shouldn't have posted a outside link.

    The only reason I did was because I thought I was going to help the GTA V modding community here.
    I posted a link to a uncracked endeavor 1.7 mod menu [ that thread that was just now deleted]
    The thread creator sent me the link and I uploaded it to a file host and shared it in the thread.

    I am very sorry thats the truth no lies, I knew I shouldn't have but I thought it was going to be approved anyways and I wanted too get things rolling beforehand too help out the community and myself because I would like to have used the menu.

    I'm sorry please at least think about it
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    Ban reduced to 3 days.

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