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    Thread deleted for no reason.

    So I released an updated version of my menu and the thread got deleted? When some leecher just renamed it and added code into the .dlls and that is still up? Why?

    The guy who leeched my menu also has no respect, example:

    So why can't I post a version with updates and make a thread by me (the original creator)?

    Mod that deleted it was [MPGH]Royce and he gave the reasons: trolol and lejlahsdfasrewedfarfqw

    If it is because of the name, atleast let me know. I can rename it, why let someone steal credit for my work?

    link to leecher:
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    Well let's see what you did wrong here , And don't get me wrong your release was not the only one I deleted , Had to no clue you were the original owner, anyways.
    1. You obviously can't read rules, you have to post screenshots

    2. You came in telling people someone else release was a virus and a password stealer when it's not

    3. Let's not forget what you said here (woah badass)

    4. You made 2 threads with 2 different names for the same release

    5.It's been released before with the original name and was taken down because of the mass request to be deleted due to the name and you never changed it so someone else did

    Your annoying friend keeps advertising everywhere

    If I'm wrong, I'm wrong but you guys aren't making this any better by being dicks, What you could of done was came to me in private, I have many contact options.

    You already knew the name was offensive so why act surprised when someone releases the same thing with a different name? Lunatic and rakif was talked to by releasing it with the original name
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    Did you refresh the thread and see my comment? No way you replied that quickly

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    "killswitch that installs a keylogger."

    If you really said that bro, you are going to get banned no doubt in my mind.

    Additionally, I buy Fitbit Accounts:
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    I NEED TO HELP PEOPLE IN HOUSTON TX UNBAN ME I don't deserve to be banned ever! I am damn near A perfect users do I look like "Dildotheking" to you guys??? I can see him being banned this long but not me!

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