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    Reversal of an infraction.

    Basically, sym gave me an infraction when I tried to warn others about the possibility of a scam.

    This is the message i recieved :

    I'm not even mad that I got an infraction, just that sym apparently can't seem to differentshape a warning and a pointless post LOL.

    Additional information : the user that I was trying to warn others about is an old scammer. Thanks sym for allowing more cases like this to happen. You da man

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    @jiaklormee, it's true that I'm not a staff member and that I shouldn't dare to post in this thread unless I'm directly involved with anything in this thread which I'm not but still, I think I should post this:

    1. Your post was actually very pointless and it also would have no meaning to users.
    2. You either wanted to make a pointless post and now you're trying to get your infraction reversed with: "I just wanted to tell users that the OP was a scammer" excuse or you really tried to warn users about the OP (which I highly doubt as if you wanted to do so, you'd have posted something much more precise).
    3. The OP had already been banned. Most of users with common sense would actually want to check the reason why the OP had been banned before proceeding with any sort of deal.
    4. Overall, your post was unnecessary and pointless and in my opinion the infraction is pretty valid but this is just my opinion/point of view.
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    If you were trying to convey something useful, you should have just posted the usefulness directly instead of what you did.

    Your actual post, regardless of your "intentions" or what you thought it may be, is useless and no one can really make direct sense out of it.

    If you knew it was an old scammer you should have posted exactly that instead, with the proof linking him to the banned scammer.

    Valid infraction.
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