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    My banning illiad

    Oh boy where do I begin
    Had to play alot of bt to regain my sanity after this (ty arun)
    So, my main and my alt were banned yesterday, for "flaming and starting shit on your alt".
    Main: Predator's Socialist Panda Bitch
    Alt: Cyanogenic
    Frankly, it is somewhat obvious what whoever banned me was talking about.
    I speak of my scuffle with Mr.Aimz, someone that I, among other members, hold in very low regard for her immature, obnoxious, and narcissistic personality.
    So it starts in one thread, and the fight continues in another, at this time, Mr.Aimz, or should I say, "CharlotteK", was pretending to be a basic white girl and be edgy in all ways possible. She uses the hardest to read font on the whole website, bright pink, size 1, with sarif, and italic, making it impossible to read on a large screen without copying the text to another place such as notepad, I call her out on it, with "constructive criticism", advising that she should change the font, as others have already complained about it, and this is when the flaming starts. She flames me, calling me something for criticizing her font. I wish i still had the thread but I couldn't find it, if anyone could link it. I'm not one to turn the other cheek, I immediately start pointing out "her" grammar/spelling mistakes, flaming her like any other normie. Eventually, people start to notice how obscenely obnoxious "she" is, and start to agree with me, but whatever, just about a font size.

    After mostly cooling down, there is this new thread about a gofundme for a dog named Daisy who was allegedly sick and the family couldn't afford treatment. In my opinion, this post, although I would rather it was real (or maybe not if she died...), is probably fake (no information about anything, user seems apathetic to his dog's death, using a google image picture for the gofundme etc...). Apart from that, the conversation somehow moves to the Yulin dog festival, of which I have VERY strong opinions, as most people do too. She starts saying that somehow, eating dogs during the Yulin dog festival, kidnapping them from families and cooking/skinning them alive is ok. Of course, I intervene, and insist the cruelty of this "festival". Now, "she" starts to call me a retard for this, and basically pulling arguments out of "her" ass, just flaming me, while I frantically correct her grammar and flame back (justifiably).

    So, It should be pretty obvious why I want to be unbanned. Most members who see what is happening side with me. In fact, I was banned for "starting shit" while the starting part was "her", and the "shit" part too. Of course, I was the one banned, and "she" got off scott-free.

    What I feel should be unbanned:
    a) Me and "Mr." Aimz are separated, and we just go our seperate ways, which involves unbanning me.
    b) Mr.Aimz gets banned as well, even though thinking eating dogs is ok should be a perma...


    Thank you for reading my absurdly long post,
    <3 u bbys
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    Does wonders. Someone flaming you doesn't make it OK for you to flame them, especially starting it and hijacking a different thread and flaming and breaking a bunch of rules. I don't see anything that would lead to you being unbanned, as far as "her" flaming you, I didn't see anything like that, but I don't browse the forum that closely, but there is always a report button to take care of it.

    But as far as you being unbanned, denied. We're not going to separate you other than by force (banning), there are mute tools and other things to do the rest.

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