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    Thread deleted by Jim Morrison

    Two years ago user "bowen" opened a specific service unique to Dayz Standalone:

    It basically consisted of him executing a piece of code on other players. No downloads, no installations, no additional software, no any kind of files were involved there. He joined a server, spawned a piece of code in a form of menu, and that menu simply vanished after his customers left the server, so it didn't even stay on their HDD. So like people spawn items he spawned a piece of code.

    Since this user was allowed to do it and this service didn't seem to fall into cathegory of selling actual hacks I decided to do it too. But my thread was deleted.

    All I've got as response is that bowen's thread was made 2 years ago. Have rules changed so much since then? Fair enough if that's true but I want to make sure this is not admin abuse so I'd like bring up this subject.

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    Yeah the rules were changed recently infection services aren't allowed any more.

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