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    Account still not unbanned after unban


    I got reported as a scammer a few months ago now and my account (zac0403) was banned due to me not noticing the notification. However i created a new account and then responded to the scammer report and it was dealt with by me repaying the funds. However i noticed my original account had not been unbanned (zac0403). I made a thread and Hero unbanned my account. I attempted to log into the account and there was no "you have been banned message". However my account is still banned in the tag and i still cannot post on that account even though it should be unbanned. I have only found this out when FanaticSteal has refused to be a MM when im buying because im "Ban evading".

    Can my account (zac0403) finally be completely unbanned? Thanks.

    Scammer report on me - - Dealt with
    Asking for account to be unbanned - - Hero apparently unbanned me
    Proof i should be unbanned -

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    Same thing I told Fantic when he sent your pm to me. "He's not banned. Just the tag remains until he posts :/"

    Edit: Banned you again, and then lifted the ban immediately, nothing changed. AFAIK posting is the only way to have the tag disappear, and unless you decided to try and post an URL (you lack the minimum required posts for a link) it shouldn't prevent you from posting at all.

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