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    rabstar ban appeal
    He was hacking and it got confirmed after 3-5 days when i got message on csgo saying Someone in your party was hacking or what ever and I lost my win just like I said I would!
    Its bullshit how hes saying i scammed him when I have bought boosts form other people but this time they told me they are gonna be hacking and how the win will stick because they used different accounts everygame and they use those accounts to play rank games every 24 hours when the reports reset
    We played with a full team so aslong as they dont get 6 reports no overwatch!
    with @Pureem it was a duo and the whole opposite team reported him plus so did our team!
    Hey went like 40+ kills when the second on the leader board had like 12 or something wish i took pictures of the game now if i knew it would cause me this much trouble!
    Look on this account and on rabstars account I hosted GTA5 lobbies did recoveries and i got vouoches for it those account with gta 5 can go for a lot and i could have stolen them i am not gonna scam him for $2 if it means that much to this bastard I will give him $2 and $0.50 so he can buy him self a fucking lollipop!
    I have bought sold and traded Steam accounts on with this acocunt and I have vouches for that on my wall!
    Again I am not a scammer I did what I thought was right with @Pureem he was clearly hacking and I also told him give me 4 days and if I keep my win you will get the money! don't know if he screen shoted that or not!
    Like I said not here to scam but if this potato really needs his $2 that he did nothing for sure i will give it him!
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    also please look at the posts he is commenting on he also mentions in one how he got insta vac!
    he clearly uses HACKS if the staff still think this guy is setting me up and saying I am scamming him when he said he will legit boost me but used hacks then I don't know!
    he has been browsing all CSGO hack posts and commenting and stuff clearly has been using those hacks as he confirmed testing one and getting vac banned!
    I think he should be the one who gets perma banned here

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    Well from seeing the proof you provided, @Pureem clearly used hacks and lied in his Scam report by saying he didn't at all.
    @Pureem shall be banned for falsifying a scam report that got a innocent user banned.
    @rabstar shall be UNBANNED because the user didn't scam at all, @Pureem thread clearly stated he didn't use hacks but it turns out, he did.

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    The user @Pureem has been permanently banned. Ban on @rabstar has been lifted.
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