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    [QUOTE=aIW|Blitz;2007035]Well the good thing is most people who visit this forum and use hacks don't stay consistent; they slip up - or just don't even care. The 'hack' presented in this thread is so obvious even veterans won't get away with it though - provided for some reason nobody ever reports it. I mean, walking around with god mode? Yeah, that's not going to attract attention while you pwn everybody with your aimbot. / With regards to aimbots and wallhacks - there are a few veteran losers who have cheated their entire lives and never made a single accomplishment without their computer helping them - but I'm confident the anticheat will take care of that.

    QUOTE ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
    LOL quote button failed on me hahah,
    ME = Yeah i see your point... but before these external hacks came out i use to use the .dll injection ones on the old legit bought v1.184 of mw2 (cant remember exact version) anway i used it everyday for couple hours not raging not making obvious like really un-obvious...guess its grown on me but anyway here i am using the external.... i havent been banned not once with the .dll..? lucky?,smart?,not all comes down to the user and how you use the hack...
    nuff with your anticheat..
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