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    Red face Non-Leeched Unban Tutorial - Complete

    I know there are 45 other unban tutorials, but I am bored and I wanted to write a full tutorial that includes almost any method.
    This tutorial is 100% written by me (Unscrewed) and not leeched in any way. DO NOT LEECH.


    1 - What kind of ban do I have? (IP/XUID)
    2 - XUID Spoofer (method by batfitch)
    3 - MAC Adress Spoofing
    4 - IP Adress Changing (for dynamic IPs)
    5 - IP Adress Spoofing with nMap (for static IPs)
    6 - Virtual Private Network (for static IPs)


    1. What kind of ban do I have? (IP/XUID)

    There are 1 quick way to find this out.

    1.] Go to this place: *Click*.
    2.] Fill in your nickname and press: "Connect".
    3.] Wait until the chat is fully loaded.
    4.] Get your IP adress from this place: *Click*.
    5.] Type this in the chat: "!check". Replace the x's with your IP.

    If you are not IP banned, get your XUID. You can find your XUID with this tool made by dot. *Go take a look in the alteriw console when the game has started up you and do alt-tab you see your xuid - lolbie*.

    6.] Type this in the chat: "!check XUID". Replace 'XUID' with your XUID.


    2. XUID Spoofer (method by batfitch)

    If your XUID is banned, you can spoof your XUID with a program created by batfitch.
    it is somewhere here just search for it.

    NOTE: This only works for some people. If this does not change your XUID, you will need to try another method.

    1.] Download the program.
    2.] Run the program (as Administrator is recommended).
    3.] Run alterIWNet.

    That's it, if it spoofed your XUID, you would be unbanned now. Congratulations.


    3. Changing your MAC Adress

    This one probably doesn't work for you because you will get an error when you run aIW.
    We are going to spoof your MAC Adress manually because it's easy.

    1.] Click Start and search for 'Run'.
    2.] Type in: "regedit" and press OK.
    3.] Navigate to:
    4.] You will see a lot of folders that go from 0000 to 0001 to 0002 and so on.
    Click on the folders one at a time and look for that one that has "NetworkAdress" in it.

    5.] Right-Click the text "NetworkAdress" and select Modify. Enter the desired MAC-Address as a 12 digit number (all in one, no "space" "." or "-").
    6.] Go to Control Panel -> Connections and re-enable your Network Adapter to reflect the new MAC Adress on your NIC.

    NOTE: If you want to go back to your old MAC Adress, just delete the 12 digit number and re-enable the Network Adapter.


    4. IP Adress Changing (for dynamic IPs)

    Okay, there are a lot of ways to change your IP Adress.
    One method I like to use is cloning your MAC Adress.

    1.] Press Start and search for: "CMD".
    2.] Open CMD and type in: "ipconfig".
    3.] Look for your default gateway and copy that adress into your webbrowser.
    4.] Login into your router and look for MAC Adress Clone.
    5.] Follow the steps in this picture:

    6.] Plug out your router and your modem for 30 seconds and plug them back in. (Also, press the reset button on your modem).
    7.] If you have dynamic IP adress, your IP is changed now. If you wish to change your IP again, press Disable instead of Enable.


    5. IP Adress Spoofing with nMap (for static IPs)

    I am not going to make a tutorial about this one because I am not sure if you can only recieve packets after this and not send them.


    6. Virtual Private Network (for static IPs)

    And last, but not least; a VPN. This is a great solution for people with a static IP.
    There are several free VPNs you can download and install.

    NOTE: Some VPNs are banned by aIW staff members, you can just try it with another VPN IP.

    Three Free VPN's:

    1.] TorVPN
    2.] Hotspot Shield
    3.] Cybe****** (Most free IPs are banned)


    I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. This tutorial is 100% written by me. (Unscrewed).
    Please do not steal/leech this tutorial in anyway or copypasta chunks of text and place it somewhere else. Thanks.

    If you have any suggestions, tips or other methods, please feel free to contact me or place a comment down below.
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    Hacks are made for fun purposes only.
    If you get banned, tell the admin you needed some entertainment in your miserable life.

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    How many 'original tutorials' do we need that just says 'use a MAC changer and a VPN = unbans!!1!'?

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    there are already enough tuts how to get unbanned

    I love it when people keep their agreements /sarcasm ftw

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