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    How to get permanent Lvl 70 in FourDeltaOne for those who had problems whit EAM

    Hello, I have heard that many ppl is having problems whit getting permanent lvl 70 whit all unlocks and so on, and lemme fix it for ya. I also had problems b4 I found this mod. So I decided to make this thread for you

    So here is what to do,

    At first u need to download the mod in this thread (after it gets approved :O)

    Afther that u need to find your mw2 game folder. If u dont know how u can just right-click on the 4D1 shortcut press propertys, and u should have a button on the bottom of the property-window, whitch says "go to the original location/folder or something like that (mine is in swedish so idk xD). Press that and your mw2 folder should pop up.

    Now u need to place the mod (the whole "Unlocker Mod" folder) into the "mods" map whitch should be located in the game folder u recently open. If u dont have the "mods" folder u just have to create one, its not harder then that

    Now start the game. On the main menu you should have a "mods" button, press it and a window should pop up, in the window u should have the "Unlocker mod" listed there, double click it and the game will load the mod, when its done start an private match, dosnt matter whitch map, mode and so on.

    Now when in-game u should be guided by the mod, it simply says that u should press 5 then wait for the loading bar to get done. Then you can press end game and u should unlock everything for u .

    Plzz notice that this mod only seem to work if u use it at the first prestidge and will only be prestidge 1 lvl 70 whit all guns, Ive tried to prestidge and try it again, but it is kinda buggy and I dont think u should try it b4 I post the results! I will post the results as soon as possible.

    Edit: It seems to work, altrought its quiet buggy and u need to play an match b4 it saves, but sometimes it dosnt and u have to restart but if u would like to spend some time on it u can get to 10th prestidge whit this method anyway, have fun whit painfull tryhard prestidge 10th challange if u try the random bug thing

    Now have fun and hope you liked the tut

    BIG THANKS TO xMaJiCzX!, the creator of the mod.

    Virus scans:

    Unlocker mod.rar - Jotti's malware scan

    File scan results from Metascan Online | Free virus scanning tool
    <b>Downloadable Files</b> Downloadable Files
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