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    School - Help/Suggestions

    First please don't post anything unless you are giving a REAL, not idiotic/rude, Help/Suggestions. . .I'm sure it will be really easy for just about any person who knows 7th-9th grade Math and social studies. Shouldn't take more then like 20mins (30max.) aday (most likely less then 20mins). If you do the work for me then well maybe an hour aday (not THAT bad lol) Takes more like 6-9 hours a day for me because I don't even really understand. And yet still I won't be caught up for about 3 months.

    SHORT STORY: Falling back in school want to pass no time to get it all done at this speed teachers aren't helping at all . Is it possible someone ether do the work for me or answer randomize school related questions?

    I'm at about 10%, which took me about a week, I need to get to 100%.

    I go to online school, . .I do wanna move on this year but theres no way for me to get all the work done on time! I am really trying. . .Just I know theres no possible way to get it all done in time!


    What do you get? lol Well the good feeling of helping another person out! lol Theres not really anything I can give you. . .But I'll be your friend lol. . . I do know Basic web design and graphic design. . .I can get just about any movie/T.V show you want lol. . .(I have all the Sons of Anarchy seasons ) I know Adobe CS5 i would say pretty damn good. . .So yeah. . .obliviously I really want some f*cking school help, I will put in the same amount of time into helping you as you do to help me

    (There are like 7 different teachers, which I can message and ask questions and stuff but really I don't understand anything they are saying. why? because the teachers have like 3 different full classes of about 25+ people each and sadly they don't keep track who's in what class and instead go by what they think!)

    (, Please email me if you will help. Or join my IM room: CLICK HERE If I don't join with-in 5mins then I'm A.F.K which then just email me please.)

    Looking for some project(s) to dedicate my time to! I know HTML, PHP, MySQL and JavaScript.
    - Message me if I can help you with something, all I want is some credit!

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    Generelly people who struggle with math are forgeting the basics of what they're learning off of. So go back a few chapters. If you're REALLY falling behind, drop your language and take it in college during the summer(this costs a bit, but I'm doing it to to get ahead and take calc.[That's a really long story, and I literally had no other choice because my school fucked up the course selection sheets.]) or summer-school if it's offered.

    7th grade is essentially a review of Gr.6 + a few extra concepts.
    8th grade : All I remember is the intro to factoring(and there really isn't too much of it)
    9th grade : -.- I don't think we did anything in this grade. Graphing?
    10th grade : Linear Algebra and some linear and bilinear graphing. Equation of a line(indirect and direct variation formulas). Inequalities too, but just simple stuff.
    11th grade : Parabola, solving system of equations(using elimination and substitution). Graphics inequalities, absolute value. Analyzing shapes and circle geometry(this was moved to a lower grade though.). Hardly any trig. I guess and intro to radicals, that it though :/
    12th grade : Preperation for calculus(Taking it this semester).

    Depending on how far your into the course, a 10% can be bad or absolutely horrible. It's easy to raise a mark to a pass, but if you want an A you better hope you've only messed up a very small test.

    So yeah, I would say go back a couple chapters and review the concepts. Getting someone else to do the work defeats the purpose of ever taking the course.

    If I had an MSN I'd give it to you, and you can ask me some math questions. But I don't. Google Math IRC and there are a bunch of losers lingering the channel waiting for someone to ask a math question(though I can't say they'll explain it in a way you understand. You need to tell the what you know so they can use the methods you know to solve the problem.) They tried to help me solve a VennDiagram word problem using matrices D: I was like, wtf.

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