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    How to calculate g-force useing aceleration and mg

    i seem to only be able to find stuff using time and velocity. but i am only given aceleration and mg.

    aceleration of rocket = 26.95ms-2
    60kg astronaut.

    need to find g force,

    found this on yahoo answers but this guy seems to be using a formula to find acceleration and just randomly gets g's

    How do you find the G-force on an object accelerating from 0 to 107 ***(172km/hr) in two seconds?
    Acceleration is change in velocity divided by time interval. ∆V = velocity change, ∆t = time interval.

    a = ∆V/∆t

    ∆V = 172 km/hr = 48 m/s (V changes from 0 to 172 km/r)

    a = 48/2 = 24 m/s² (this change happens in 2 seconds)

    g = 9.8 m/s²

    the g-force is then 24/9.8 = 2.4

    seems to be acceleration/gravity determines g's but not sure how it can be applied if given weight

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    First off 60kg is the mass, not the weight.

    All you have to do is simply find the vector sum of all acceleration on the object, in our case of the astronaut that would be:


    assuming the acceleration is constant. Deripty derp:

    The "g-force" is often expressed as relative to the strength of the Earth's gravitational field (9.809ms^-2), hence you could say:

    If you're given the weight, it's a simply matter of following the procedure:

    Note that both "g" and "a_total" are considered to be vertical and directed in the same direction, g in the last equation represents the total downward acceleration and not just the constant representing the strength of our gravitational field.
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