Can some one correct my English or help me putting better English in my CV .

Education :
English , Maltese , French , Maths , Physics , Social Studies, Religion , Geography , ICT , Business Studies and Computer Studies

Positions of responsibilities :
I was a class prefect for several school years .

Describe any previous work experience:
I was chosen to the last College Job Exposure , I help my school mates and I was taking part in a 'Computer Help' Forum.

Other information:
Team Work - I've played football for 3 years , but I had to quit because I was getting injured too much.
Ability to adapt to different environments - I lived for 7 years in a town and moved to another town.
Well organized person - I organize my school bag and organize my Schedule.
Personal Interests - I enjoy many different sports especially football , baseball and Olympic Wrestling .


Personal Statement:
As the world becomes a smaller place and having economic problems , it is essential to have a firm understanding of finance to be successful in business. That is my goal – to be successful in business.Being someone who is already adept in mathematics, and business studies I feel developing an in-depth understanding of finance will fully equip me for the future.
I have always set myself extremely challenging goals to ensure I make the most of my abilities and avoid any complacency. Knowing that my achievements during my years of education will have a profound affect on my future, I have kept my drive and ambition at the forefront of everything I do. It is this drive and ambition that, in my opinion, will serve me well in today’s business world.
When I complete my A-Levels I want to move straight on to university to continue my education.