So I have to hand in an kind of news article on Existential Philosophy soon and I need help doing this. I'll just copy down what the sheet said and if anyone can help me with it that'd be great. I'm not asking you guys to do it for me, though that would be much better, I'm just asking for maybe snippets or ideas on how to do this. I'm completely stumped and too tired to think of anything good, so help would be much appreciated. Who knows, maybe I'll give something away afterwards.

The Globe and Mail Newspaper has commissioned you to write an opinion piece for their "Maple Leaf Thinking"; a forum for ideas and their relevance. You have been given a choice of topics:

-Existentialism and Oppression
-Existentialism an Identity

You are currently engaged in an examination of existentialist themes in literature and hence have many interesting things to say. Foolishly, you agree. Alas, the deadline looms.

The parameters for the piece that the editors would like you to keep in mind are:
- That it be addressed to a general audience and should not presuppose much previous experience with Philosophy.
- That it be written in a lively style and be relevant to the interests and concerns of the readership; work in vivid examples.
-That you don't block quote. If you must quote, quote a short phrase. The editors would prefer you put things in your own words.
- No footnotes. Cite, in a short bibliography the sites or books consulted.
- Ideally, you should be finding yourself in the situation of having too much material to fit under the word cap.

Length: 650-850 words