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    New York State Regents

    This year I take four New York State Regents, US History, Algebra 2/Trig, English, and Physics all in order in dates. I begin taking these four regents on Tuesday each on a different day, thankfully. The tests are given at the end of each year and evaluate whether or not we have passed the course or not, if a student goes below a 65 they fail for the year and go to summer school then take it again in January of next year depending on the subject. I've been told I should be worried about Algebra 2/Trig and Physics as they are the most difficult of all the regents that the New York gives. I was wondering if anyone is able to some how get the password for the nysedregents website (just add www and .org to the address) for those two exams. I want to get into Pre-Calc because it helps prepare me for college and there is no regents for that course during my senior year. I'm just curious if it is possible to get the password on the day of the regents when I take it. Anyone know someone that is able to get the passwords or crack them on Wednesday(Algebra 2/Trig) and Friday(Physics).

    So here's the schedule (Red is the one that I need help with.)
    -Tuesday June 17th 2014
    US History

    -Wednesday June 18th 2014
    Algebra 2/Trig

    -Thursday June 19th 2014

    -Friday June 20th 2014
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