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    Question Arduino - Functional Logic

    Hello to everyone,

    I think this section has to be more active. This is a great section of the forum!

    Im working on Arduino for the past month. Im studying Eletronics and Robotics on my school but we don't study this kind of things, probably because has a lot of programming (my scool isn't targeted for programming).

    I just need a litle help with basic logic like resistors (Ik what's the function of resistors but I need to know more about it on projects), servos (how it works and what's that for), and some other parts.

    I already read some PDF with Arduino funcions and C# codes but whole eBooks says the same logics and the same codes and I can't learn the basic like the logic of the parts together.

    Edit: I also need to know basic projects to do with a relay module (I have 2Rls and 4Rls modules)

    * dunno if I explained myself well

    Thank you
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