I need help in creating a MW2 custom Fast File for PS3. There is a video on youtube if you search "Akimbo Intervention's" and the uploader should be aerosoul94. Also another video if you search "MW2 weapon files" it should be the first video shows (on PC) edited weapons that can also be done for PS3.
What I am trying to do is just modifying some weapons recoil, nothing more. I just need help on where to start and how to start a custom Fast File. This is something I'd really like to learn to do as it is really interesting to me.
If this is still unclear to you let me know and I will try to explain myself better.
float fAdsGunKickPitchMin
float fAdsGunKickPitchMax
float fAdsGunKickYawMin
float fAdsGunKickYawMax
float fAdsViewKickPitchMin
float fAdsViewKickPitchMax
float fAdsViewKickYawMin
float fAdsViewKickYawMax <-- This is what I'm after, nothing more.