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    Question using transparency in a texture hack?

    i assume you got it..
    does anyone tried to make a transparent texture, not completely but like "opacity"
    to get a wallhack?
    is that possible?
    i wanted to try but i was editing ".iwi" with gimp :P that worked sometimes but sucks at all XD
    so i dont think this idea is new, and i dont want to waste my time on something doesn't work or could be bugged!
    and first problem i though about it was..
    when you do wallbreach glitch you can see that there is a black wall in buildings and other stuff!
    and i think it is created programmatically "not a picture!"
    i just didn't give up..
    if you tried guyz plz post so i could know..
    and if there is any bugs just tell about ^_^

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    It is possible to do semi transparent textures. House did it a long time ago, but hes not around here anymore, and I never got around to fiddling with it. As far as I know it should work just fine and allow you to see whats behind certain walls. But yeah, if you change the opacity of textures on buildings you will see the empty space inside. Just use noclip to poke your face through a wall, and thats what you will see.
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