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    Content Update - August 11th

    LASTMAN Standing

    NEW MODE: LASTMAN Standing

    Welcome to LASTMAN standing!
    Cooperate, betray and survive is this brand new mode!
    Be the LASTMAN and get special rewards!

    Type: LASTMAN Standing
    Map: ISLAND.51
    Min. number of Players required: 2 players
    Rewards: Pocket rewards, achievement rewards, LASTMAN standing outfit, Blue/Red chests items

    Please know that achievements are not provided on purpose and will not be shared, even by tickets.
    Please use the forum to share your findings with fellow players
    LASTMAN Standing can be accessed directly from Quick Match

    Red/Blue keys, used to open chest in LASTMAN Standing can be purchased in store for Blue Tickets and Red Tickets

    Daily login rewards now also provide one Red Key or Blue Key to be used in LASTMAN Standing

    The M67 LASTMAN Standing (Skin) is available in store for 450 AP

    New loading images when launching A.V.A


    Golden Snake Box

    Test your luck for a chance to get one of the 3 Gold Snake weapons!
    Possible Prizes: DSR-1 Gold Snake (perm), AK-47 Gold Snake (perm), AKS-74U Gold Snake (perm), 10ga. Blue Horse (perm), G36 Blue Horse (perm), SV98 Blue Horse (perm), SR-2M Pheonix (perm), AMD65 Pheonix (perm), ASW.338 Pheonix (perm), QBZ97 Panda (perm), Type 89 Peacock (perm) or 10 Red Ticket
    Price: 999 AP

    M40A1 Last Man Capsule
    Test your luck for a chance to get the M40A1 Last Man!
    Possible Prizes: M40a1 Last Man (perm) or 1 Red Ticket
    Price: 200 AP

    Capsule changes
    Death Valley Box has been removed from the Capsule Store
    Overrider Box has been removed from the Capsule Store
    FR-F2 Legend Capsule has been removed from the Capsule Store
    MP5SD5 Sulfur (perm) available for 220 Red Tickets

    FR-F2 Legend (perm) available for 300 Red Tickets

    EXP + 150% for Company Officer or higher grades and EXP + 200% for Field Officer or higher grades are available for 15 Red Tickets (7Days)

    Infection items have been removed from the store
    When opening your Battle Status Board (pressing "T"), it is now possible to see where you have received hits.
    It is also now possible to communicate some points on the maps to your partners using markers.
    Adding markers also directly sends an automated message to your team (Quick Communication system)

    Rewards for Quick Match have been changed : 50 Euros or Glock 21C Good Luck (perm)

    Matching icon for Quick Match has been changed (animations)
    Grenades cannot be used in Quick Match Annihilation
    Grenades and Semi-Autimatic sniper cannot be used in Quick Match Sniper Annihilation
    Maximum no. of players in Quick Match Party Mode has been changed: Demolition: 4 players / Escape: 3 players / Annihilation: 2 players / Sniper Annihilation: 2 players / LASTMAN: 2 players

    The HP/DMG of AI and bosses in Death Valley (both modes) have been adjusted
    Main BGM has been changed
    AIC Flag is now visible in the lobby

    An issue with the base 2 of the map Staccato has been fixed
    An issue where the championship room in the EU server where not displayed in Clan Home has been fixed
    A "select your server" notification has been added after completing the tutorial the first time

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    Its a fun mode

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