The Dragoon weapons are back! Fill your inventory with permanent weapons from previous Mega Capsule Seasons!
Possible Prizes (All Permanent): SR-2M Dragoon, Mosin Nagant Steel Dragon, AK-12 Unit 01, Striker 12 Cabover, XM8 Sporty, XCR Macha Dearg, M40A5 Warhorse, Mad Galil Anubis, Ak47 Sevres, Clockwork 2000, Vector Honeycomb, SA58 Para Tortoise, Ballista Gobi, FMG9 Steppe, M870 Blue Dragoon, M4A1 Bald Eagle, M14 DMR Hellfire, TPG1 Sevres, M249 Blue Sky, KAC PDW Cream Brownie or MP7A1 Mech Bahamut
Price: 1499 AP
Other New Capsules

Mk. 20 Proto SSR
Test your luck for a chance to get the Mk. 20 Proto SSR!

Possible Prizes: Mk. 20 Proto SSR (perm), 5 Blue Tickets or 1 Red Ticket
Price: 150 AP

Possible Prizes: M1903A1 (perm), 1 Red Ticket
Price: 250 AP

Euro Box
Permanent guns for euros! Time to complete your collection
Possible Prizes: M4A1 Freedom (perm), P90 Freedom (perm), PGM.338 Freedom (perm), SR-2M Versek Roswell (perm), M4A1.MK3 Roswell (perm), TPG-1 Roswell (perm), PP2000 Galaxy (3D), AK-47 Lion (3D), R93 Wolfpack (3D), 5 Blue Tickets, 1 Red Tickets
Price: 4 000 euros

Sports Mosin & Sports Beretta
Use your Sports coin to obtain special items
Sports Mosin
Possible Prizes: Sports Mosin (30D/15D/7D/3D/1D), M67 Sports (1D), 100 Euros
Price: 35 Sports Coin

Sports Beretta
Possible Prizes: Sports Berreta (30D/15D/7D/3D/1D), M67 Sports (1D), 100 Euros
Price: 25 Sports Coin

Capsule changes
Halloween box has been removed from the Capsule Store
Mk. 20 Proto SSR (perm) available for 300 Red Tickets

M1903A1 (perm) available for 400 Red Tickets

Sniper 14H Beret and Sniper 14P Joint Protectors have been added to the store.
Sniper 14H Beret available for 25AP/75AP/255AP for 1D/7D/30D respectively

Sniper 14P Joint Protectors available for 17AP/52AP/180AP for 1D/7D/30D respectively
These 2 new items have been added to the "Series 14 Armor Package", no price change.

The "09 Armor Package" is now avaiable for 81 600 euros
Match Channel
Supply and Factory have been removed from Match Channel
Supply items have been removed from Match Channel rewards
Quick match
Rewards have been changed.
List of possible rewards: Lamb grenade (Perm.) Glock21C Good Luck (Perm.) Red Tickets, Blue Tickets, Euros (1000~10000), EXP+ (200~400%) Iyan SH09 Helmet (1day), Iyan SA09 Armor (1day), Iyan SD09 Camoflage (1day), Iyan SG09 Gloves (1day), Iyan SB09 Boots (1day), Iyan SP09 Joint Protectors (1day), Lei (1day), Ahmed (1day), Marek (1day), Anastasia (1day), Ginny (1day), Priest (1day), Vasily (1day), Sennah (1day), Eva grenade (1day), Maria grenade (1day), Ginny grenade (1day), Lei grenade (1day), M116A1 flash grenade II (1day), M18 RED smoke II (1day), M18 Gray smoke II (1day)
The No Grenade Mode has been removed from Quick Match Annihilation

Halloween effects in the lobby and Halloween Sniper Gallery have been removed

A bug with the Room 0 has been fixed
Issues with rewards from chests in LASTMAN Standing have been fixed