Have you ever had a moment in A.V.A where you were presented with an amazing screen shot? Well we want to see them! Introducing A.V.A’s Screen shot of the Week section on Facebook!

What is this A.V.A SSotW? This will be a new photo section on the A.V.A Facebook page where we will showcase the BEST screen shots the A.V.A community has to offer. The only two restrictions to these screens are that they have to be taken while in a game of A.V.A, and they should not be of your game score card. We are looking for interesting, funny, or just pure game pwnage.

Uploading a photo is simple too!
Just navigate over to the A.V.A Facebook page here (you must be a fan of the page in order to upload your image): A.V.A | Facebook
Click on the “Photos” button near the comment section at the top of the page.
Add your photo by uploading it directly from your computer. Include your in-game name so we know who you are. And that’s it!
Once you photo has been uploaded, you should find it in the Photos section, under the “Photos by Others” section. We will choose our favorite uploaded photo to download and move to the Screen Shot of the Week folder for all users to find until the end of time (so to say).

Prize: Immortalization on the A.V.A Facebook page in the SSotW folder (Screen Shot of the Week | Facebook).

Caption for the photos (you MUST include this information):
Screen Shot of the Week
Today's Date
<title, if you would like to make one>
Submitted by <in-game name>

This event will occur every other week starting today, and the first winner will be posted up this Friday, October 8, 2010, so start submitting them today!