This is for some of you who doesn't know about this.

Feb. 24th Content Update! - ijji Forums

Hello A.V.A fans!

Now that Valentine's Day has passed and you've eaten all your love chocolate, it's time to burn that fat off with some weight lifting! Introducing the DSR-1! This beast of a weapon weighs 13 pounds and can be found in our Pre-Release capsule. Also, for all you RX4-Storm fans out there, the RX4-Storm is now available for Euro and G Coin in the weapon shop! Check out these weapons and other changes below!

The servers will be offline on February 23rd from 11:00PM to 1:00AM (server time).

California: 02/23 @ 11:00PM - 1:00AM
New York: 02/24 @ 2:00AM - 4:00AM
Berlin: 02/24 @ 8:00AM - 10:00AM


New Capsule Weapons!

DSR-1 (Sniper) added to the Pre-Release Capsule!

New Weapons in the Weapon Shop!

RX4-Storm (Rifle Man)!

Channel Changes

We have changed the Beginner channels to help new users adapt more easily to A.V.A's gameplay and make it a little less distracting for new users when creating a room. You will now only be able to play the following modes/maps in the Beginner channels:

[Demolition] - India
[Demolition] - Cannon
[Demolition] - Black Scent
[AI] Annihilation - Pyramid
[AI] Annihilation - Cold Case
[Annihilation] - Cold Case
[Annihilation] - Chromite
[Annihilation] - Castle Rock
[Melee] Annihilation - Stadium
[Escort] - Scorpion
[FFA] - Fox Hunting
[Domination] - Blazing Fort
[Cross Steal] - Blind Eagle
[Co-Op Mode] - Prison Break: Survival
[Co-Op Mode] - Lock Down: Survival (Easy)
[Co-Op Mode] - Prison Break: Rescue (Easy)
[Co-Op Mode] - Death Valley (Easy)

Other Information

- Snow falling effect removed from lobby.
- Improvements on the RX4-Storm customization parts that will enhance the weapons performance.

I started saving up for the DSR-1 but its gonna take some time to save up since I just bought Fr-F2. The stats for DSR-1 loooks real good