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    Quote Originally Posted by G.Andrew View Post
    2/7 Hahaha Good job
    i know i sucked but that wasnt the point of these screen shots the point was that yesterday was pro party i saw snow and novashoot (not a pro but popular) salam2fast as well as soo meny other pros no wonder my kdr went down from 1.8 to 1.7 and im good just wanna let you know i got kicked out of noob channle for being good and my kdr is 1.7 now so dont even start it.... and 4 of my death were from snowshovel DUDE HIS PING IS 2 HE HAS A BEAST INTERNET OR HIS CLOSE TO THE SERVER EVERY ONE ESLE WERE 120 AND I WAS 33 and you know what nobody in this fourm is positve to me and every talks sht about every thing i post this fourm has the worse community if you go to the cf fourm on mpgh you see people be nice even to newbies but not here every one is mean and rude i dont care if you report me cuz im in serch of a new AVA fourm THAT THEY DONT HACK AND DONT TALK SHT ABOUT EVERY THING YOU POST... my firt thread was a video of my first time sniping and every one talk shit about it and when im now posting some thing (im a good sniper now) every one just sees the negative side so im not gonna post any thing any more might as well close my account SO GO SUCK ON MY DICK MPGH I DONT CAre IF YOU BAND ME FOR EVER CUZ ALL YOU GUYS ARE SUCKERS AND MEAN PEOPLE NOT TRYING TO BE GAY BUT THIS IS THE WORSE AVA FOURM I HAVE EVER SEEN IF I FIND A NEW GOOD FOURM I WOULD CLOSE THIS ACCOUNT AND BE OUT OF THIS CRAP FOURM FOR EVER AS YOU CAN SEE IM LEVEL 8 AND I HATE THIS FOURM I BET THERE WERE PEOPLE WHO QUIT IN LEVEL 3 CUZ YOU FAT FKS THAT SIT ON YOUR PC ALL DAY AND ARE NEGATIVE FK YOU ALL NIGGAS FK YOU ALL PEECE GONnA CLOSE MY ACCOUNT NOW
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