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    Death Valley Glitches

    I found a guide for some glitches for Death Valley on another website. These glitches arent on MPGH so I though I would post them here. I did not find these or make this guide. Credits at the end.

    RPG Glitch

    info :
    Okay, the rpg glitch is where you get to get an rpg for the last round making it easier to destroy the UAV launchers.

    Requirements :
    1 person

    Method :
    Get up to round 2 and the part where there are 2 rolling rocks. You get one person to stay there and walk left and right continuously. Make sure that your other 3 teammates can finish the rest of the part. Let your teammates finish the round BUT don't go all the way into the starting place for the 3rd round, or the glitch will fail. What should happen is you will start the 3rd round at the part where your teammate was walking left and right. Do the stuff normally and ignore the helicopter because it won't spawn. Get someone to get an rpg and then go to the 3rd round. Use the rpg to kill the UAV launchers fast and kill those big muscly guys that chuck those exploding cans at you.

    RPG tips

    When you glitch the rpg and you get up to the UAV part, aim between the UAV's so you get some other ones too. Do not aim directly at one because it will create less splash and it will not do more damage.

    Bridge Glitch

    info :
    This is a glitch where at round 1, the muscly guys that chuck cans on the bridge do not appear. This will make the game faster and easier for round 1.

    Requirements :
    A person or more that can load the game fast

    Method :
    What you do is start the game, then while it says waiting for players, you break the cans on the 1st bridge. It would be best to use a sniper for it. Then when you start the actual game, the 1st bridge will not appear however, there will be hovering cans. Do not shoot them or the glitch may stuff up and those can chucking guys will spawn. On the 2nd bridge, no stupid can chucking guys will appear but you will have to shoot the cans on it.


    This is a method used on the final boss. The final boss is like a guy that has chainsaws and runs at you and kills you one hit. Even worse, there are 4 of them. Luring helps you to defeat them safely and fast.

    What you do is get someone to fall down the hole and go as left as possible so they get stuck near the bottom. They will be invulnerable to the chainsaw guys. You then get 1 person or more to defeat the first boss. After that the other 4 will spawn and you lure them and die RIGHT BELOW your teammate that is stuck near the bottom. To make it easier, make your teammate that is stuck spam x9. x9 will make them go to you and get distracted. Don't expect it to work when they are faraway. When you get the bosses trying to killl your teamate that is stuck, get 1 person to drop down and go to the VERY RIGHT and land without touching the chainsaw guys. What you do next is CAREFULLY knife the bosses. It is best to use kurki because of the long range. Aim at their heads to take their hp away from them faster.

    Do not go too close to the bosses. Just go close enough to hit them. If, however they move and get out, RUN LIKE HELL or just die below your teammate spamming x9 so he will get stuck again. Then let another person go knife them.

    If all your teamamtes are dead excluding your teammate that is spamming x9, you will have to suicide. BUT if you get stuck, then try to wiggle your way out. Mash your WASD keys and you will eventually get out. IF you really can't get out, then you will have to leave the game.

    While your teammate is knifing/luring and your other teamates are safe on the top, AVOID MOVEMENT IF YOU ARE CLOSE TO THE EDGE OF THE HOLE because the bosses may get distracted and the lure may fail. If you really want to move that much, go near the waterfall, it is okay to move if you're far from the hole.

    Gate Glitch

    This doesn't actually help, but if you do some of these glitches, somtimes the gate that leads you to the end of the level won't open. This happens rarely but if it happens kill yourself and leave game. I'm just letting you know so you don't wonder why it's not working for like 20minutes. This actually happened to me when i was about to finish Death Valley for the very first time, i was really pissed. i still yet haven't finished Death Valley.

    Credits go to yeahhx on https://www. forbidden cheats .net/ Spaces)
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