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    Easy Supply Points and Exp.

    Easy Supply Points:
    Play Infection
    Better to play 20 rounds but any amount of rounds is fine I believe
    After the game, if you played the whole match, you should get 1000+ supply points
    On someone ranked 1 - 8, 1000 + supply points should give you at lest 10% (Idk about higher ranks since i only tested this on my level 8 account)

    Easy Exp.
    Play Prison Break Rescue solo
    After escaping the fire run up the stairs
    Then open the door to the room with the controller you're suppose to activate
    Go and Stay in the small square room before the spawning room
    Sit and farm bots until time runs out.

    I did this and got close to 1100 xp after time ran out.
    Kills: I get around 1100 - 1200
    Lucky Shots: 5 which is the max you get in a match
    Gun: Bizon or PPSH

    AVA Experience, tips walkthroughs and more on Alliance of Valiant Arms by ijji - is a site that has a lot more tutorials that are helpful and it also goes further in-depth about farming exp.

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