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    Safe Trade (Must Read Before Trading)

    What you need to know before posting here

    -Do not trust ANYONE during your trade, sale, or purchase, besides the staff / middlemen.
    -Always use a middleman, you can contact one here: Middleman Lounge
    -Do not post anything but Selling, Trading, or Buying threads here. Any other type of thread will be deleted. The only exception is, if you want to get a price check. Make sure to post numbers 1 and 2 from the Guide Lines.

    Guide Lines To A Successful Thread:
    1. Tell what the account level it's at.
    2. Tell what characters you have on it.
    3a. Give the price you want to buy or sell for.
    3b. If you are trading, tell the above, numbers 1 and 2.

    Unofficial Middlemen Prohibited

    Please take the time to read this message.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ravallo
    Recently we've seen members acting as unofficial middlemen, which has lead to scam reports in multiple cases.
    Therefore, offering your middleman services as a regular member is prohibited from now on.
    We urge you to use solely MPGH's official middlemen (Flash, Insane and myself).

    Thanks for reading.

    The minion of this section me, are excluded from this, so I can MM for you.

    My regards, [MPGH]Woods

    Image Sharing Sites

    Do not attach the screenshots to attachments as we'll have to approve them and that might take some time depending on who's on.
    Upload them to images hosting websites and use [IMG] tags.
    Here are a list of places where you can upload them.

    If you've been scammed...

    Please read this message, thanks:

    Quote Originally Posted by Ravallo View Post
    If you get scammed and you have used a Middleman from MPGH, please post your report here: Scammer Grave
    If you don't want to 'alert' the scammer, please post your report here: Private reports

    In all cases you are required to provide proof of the scam (either Screenshots/Videos or Chat Logs etc)

    Thank you.
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