Level: First Lieutenant 1
S/D: 1.56
Wins/Losses: 1349 wins/892 losses
Exp: 834944
Point Man: MP7A1
Rifle Man: SA58 Para(Gcoined)
Snipe rMan: DSR-1, FR-F2(Gcoined), TPG1, Mosin Nagant
Pistol: Python 357
Euros: 10000
Gcoins: 43

I am looking for trade only. This is what I am looking for: Master Sergeant 1 or higher, must have SA58 Para, FRF2, and not Gcoined. I will not accept any account that have normal gun Gcoined. Account must have more than 80000 euros. I will go first, no use changing password, because I can change it back using Email. After you got on my account, you will let me get on yours, change the password and Email, and then I will let you change the Email on my account. Please PM me on MPGH.NET