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    proof of payment and stuff or gtfo
    Bįtčhś Bē Htn

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    [12:02:22 AM] BakoooganMPGH: We'll talk tomorrow.
    [12:02:25 AM] BakoooganMPGH: Cya later.
    [12:10:09 AM] Dan.daniels: kk
    [9:05:33 AM] BakoooganMPGH: Hello you there?
    [1:55:21 PM] Dan.daniels: good morning
    [3:31:15 PM] BakoooganMPGH: Hello.
    [3:31:36 PM] BakoooganMPGH: You seem online but u don't really response.
    [3:40:27 PM] Dan.daniels: hi
    [3:40:33 PM] Dan.daniels: i seem to be in game )
    [3:40:40 PM] BakoooganMPGH: Oh hello
    [3:40:53 PM] Dan.daniels: hi
    [3:40:58 PM] BakoooganMPGH: So you are willing to buy my account?
    [3:41:03 PM] Dan.daniels: sure
    [3:41:10 PM] BakoooganMPGH: How much are you offering?
    [3:41:21 PM] Dan.daniels: u can ask the top traders\sellers on mpgh that i am trusted
    [3:41:49 PM] BakoooganMPGH: I can proof that i have the account by meeting me in-game.
    [3:41:51 PM] Dan.daniels: 35-40$ for that acc is ok
    [3:42:06 PM] Dan.daniels: via paypal
    [3:42:13 PM] BakoooganMPGH: I only do paypal.
    [3:42:13 PM] Dan.daniels: just gimme the full details
    [3:42:15 PM] BakoooganMPGH: So yeah.
    [3:42:22 PM] BakoooganMPGH: What do u mean full details?
    [3:42:24 PM] Dan.daniels: of the account
    [3:42:32 PM] BakoooganMPGH: I have the email to recover on it.
    [3:42:37 PM] BakoooganMPGH: Successfully and can be changed.
    [3:43:17 PM] Dan.daniels: i mean for the weapons.. SD\rank
    [3:43:24 PM] BakoooganMPGH: Meet me on a.v.a?
    [3:43:29 PM] Dan.daniels: ok
    [3:43:32 PM] BakoooganMPGH: Practise channel. Europe
    [3:43:37 PM] Dan.daniels: k
    [3:43:49 PM] BakoooganMPGH: room called "MPGH
    [3:44:34 PM] BakoooganMPGH: these are the guns: pm: bizon arachne,mp74a1,p90 harimau,veresk

    Rm: seroja,para,sidewinder,snowleopard,sg556,hk416,fir efox,carpio,m4a1 mk.3,ak47 hawkeye, m4a1.bumblebee

    Sm: fr-f2,tpg-1,silver arrow, SVD zebra, Mad galil

    Melee: Prison foodtray (100%),Holy mackarel (100%)

    Pistols: python,fn57,sw1191,berreta m93ra,Deagle for 190 days
    [3:44:53 PM] Dan.daniels: two more things
    [3:44:59 PM] Dan.daniels: u never used cheats - ?
    [3:45:05 PM] BakoooganMPGH: Nop, or either macro.
    [3:45:13 PM] Dan.daniels: good
    [3:45:21 PM] BakoooganMPGH: It's 100% safe.
    [3:45:21 PM] Dan.daniels: tho micro is leggit
    [3:45:35 PM] Dan.daniels: why on mpgh some guy said u might be banned?
    [3:45:53 PM] BakoooganMPGH: Cause i uploaded the video on youtube.
    [3:45:55 PM] BakoooganMPGH: And if GM finds it i get banned.
    [3:46:00 PM] BakoooganMPGH: But i removed it.
    [3:46:05 PM] Dan.daniels: why banned?
    [3:46:09 PM] Dan.daniels: u cannot sell accs?
    [3:46:14 PM] BakoooganMPGH: Cause selling isn't allowed.
    [3:46:19 PM] Dan.daniels: lol x)
    [3:46:40 PM] Dan.daniels: i will pay 40$
    [3:46:50 PM] BakoooganMPGH: Depends how the trade is.
    [3:46:58 PM] Dan.daniels: yep
    [3:47:22 PM] Dan.daniels: before u make the deal with me u can see on mpgh how trusted i am
    [3:47:39 PM] BakoooganMPGH: I can trust you.
    [3:47:42 PM] Dan.daniels: i already buyed 6 accs got scammed 2 times
    [3:47:44 PM] BakoooganMPGH: But only thing is if u trust me.
    [3:48:05 PM] Dan.daniels: due the number of scams i only go second
    [3:48:06 PM] BakoooganMPGH: i'm new to this MPGH, and i've heard people scam.
    [3:48:17 PM] Dan.daniels: yep
    [3:48:55 PM] BakoooganMPGH: Sorry i don't go first. It's either 50/50 or you go first, i'm new to this so.
    [3:49:00 PM] Dan.daniels: jymstic and sunny are 1# and 2# trusted traders\seller on mpgh
    [3:49:03 PM] BakoooganMPGH: I'm knew to this trading
    [3:49:19 PM] BakoooganMPGH: Okay here is the thing.
    [3:49:27 PM] BakoooganMPGH: I don't go first, you don't go first.
    [3:49:34 PM] BakoooganMPGH: Lets deal with 50/50?
    [3:49:39 PM] BakoooganMPGH: so we both get same time.
    [3:49:49 PM] Dan.daniels: how can i get same
    [3:49:57 PM] Dan.daniels: i got scammed for that
    [3:50:00 PM] Dan.daniels: i gave him 50%
    [3:50:19 PM] Dan.daniels: and he said its pending i said not its not and he said "Not its not"
    Have a nice day.
    [3:50:26 PM] Dan.daniels: and that was pretty much it..
    [3:50:34 PM] Dan.daniels: lost 25$ ...
    [3:50:37 PM] BakoooganMPGH: I don't think you can trust me..
    [3:50:44 PM] BakoooganMPGH: Cause i trust you.
    [3:50:49 PM] BakoooganMPGH: But i need people who trusts me
    [3:50:58 PM] *** Call from BakoooganMPGH ***
    [3:52:17 PM] BakoooganMPGH:
    [3:53:34 PM] *** Dan.daniels sent IMG_14032012_155334.png ***
    [3:54:12 PM] BakoooganMPGH: 18.72 USD
    [3:59:13 PM] Dan.daniels:
    [4:00:23 PM] BakoooganMPGH: ^%email%^ is unavailable
    [4:00:39 PM] Dan.daniels: then try this..
    [4:00:58 PM] BakoooganMPGH:
    Sorry, unable to display this page

    We are sorry. Due to technical problems, we are unable to display the page you requested.

    How to fix the problem:
    1. Try pressing the refresh button.
    2. If you typed in the URL, please make sure that the correct address of the webpage has been entered.

    If the problem persists, please contact Customer Help for assistance.
    [4:02:15 PM | Edited 4:17:02 PM] Dan.daniels: 1q
    [4:03:29 PM] BakoooganMPGH:
    [4:03:35 PM] BakoooganMPGH: thankyou2012
    [4:06:16 PM] BakoooganMPGH: https:/
    [4:07:42 PM] *** Dan.daniels sent IMG_14032012_160741.png ***
    [4:12:34 PM] *** Dan.daniels sent IMG_14032012_161233.png ***
    [4:13:32 PM] *** Dan.daniels sent IMG_14032012_161330.png ***
    [4:15:05 PM] *** Call ended, duration 24:07 ***
    [4:15:16 PM] Dan.daniels: ? <here he gave me an absolutely new fb acc loooool !
    [4:29:24 PM] Dan.daniels: yet another scammer...
    [4:29:30 PM] Dan.daniels: how do u people live?

    ---------- Post added at 01:13 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:12 PM ----------

    Enjoy. /char

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    dam... hes a clan mate. time to denounce him i guess.
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