hello all i am willing to discuss amount of games for this service

im needing to make 13$ as soon as i can so im willing to co-ophacks for very cheap

first 13 people only have to pay 1$ via paypal
the reason being this is the amount of $$$ i need to resubscribe for vip

i am willing to work with your hours if need be just talk to me about what time u need me to get online to do this
you will have a set amount of games if u are unable to make a game or u miss a day u can still pick up with the amount you left off with

anyone one who is able or willing to provide me up front with the 13$ im willing to make u a very nice deal on the amount of games i will do for you
+ you will also get my staff sgt 1 class 88k money and a few guns for free

plz understand yes my account looks new cuz i am on here i have only posteed in do manythreads i came here looking for hacks and to help who i could but so far my broke ass has been unlucky

and if this works out i will right down the 13 first members names and they will also recive monthly services for free