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    Angry Sp33dkill3r trying to scam me?

    So this guy name "sp33dkill3r" -mpgh
    message me on skype, saying he wants me to buy his account. So I accept his offer
    I told him to request for middleman. Instead he go get a elit****er.
    This is our conversation on skype + and im not sure if any middleman has skpye lmao
    Scam or no scam? So I could proceed
    "I don't trust mpgh mm, they scammed me before"

    [12:58:12 PM] jay khan: hey u there?
    [1:03:42 PM] danny: HE
    [1:03:44 PM] danny: yes?
    [1:05:16 PM] jay khan: you still want to buy my account\
    [1:05:26 PM] danny: What does it have again?
    [1:05:29 PM] danny: Sorry
    [1:05:37 PM] danny: Because there is alot of ppl adding me
    [1:05:38 PM] danny: and
    [1:05:43 PM] danny: Im not sure who this is
    [1:05:50 PM] danny: I offered alot of accounts tooo
    [1:05:52 PM] danny: What does it have?
    [1:06:02 PM] danny: Which one is it?
    [1:06:05 PM] danny: The one with desmodus.?
    [1:07:00 PM] danny: are you?
    [1:07:07 PM] jay khan: PM: Desmodus,Spas1,Mp7,versek,Harmimup90
    [1:07:10 PM] jay khan: yes
    [1:07:17 PM] danny: Give me the thread ?
    [1:07:27 PM] jay khan: ok
    [1:07:36 PM] danny: So i can remember
    [1:07:37 PM] danny: lawl
    [1:08:03 PM] danny: are you Xzodus?
    [1:09:34 PM] jay khan: My offer 25$ and my ava account which has
    Pm: desmodus/mp7/kriss/spas1/mp5/versek/harmimup90
    Rm: Para/robinson/ak-bis/hawkeye ak/fn2000/famas mk.3/m1a1 mk.3
    Snipe: TPG1/Dsr/Frfn/Knitesemi/blaser
    pistols: Barbatos (perm) , Mk3 socom (perm)
    comes with a free name change.(in online inventory)
    email: yes
    and melee andaconda (perm)
    umm thats pretty much it and naes are all 300+ days
    [1:09:52 PM] jay khan: thats the post from the thread
    [1:10:04 PM] danny: Oh I remember
    [1:10:08 PM] danny: Speedkiller
    [1:10:15 PM] danny: right?
    [1:10:17 PM] jay khan: yess
    [1:10:20 PM] jay khan: lol
    [1:10:25 PM] jay khan: :P
    [1:10:31 PM] danny: How much would you do it for?
    [1:10:47 PM] jay khan: well i want at least 30$
    [1:11:00 PM] danny: rank?
    [1:11:02 PM] jay khan: because it is a high rank and so on erps
    [1:11:18 PM] danny: ASo you will include the email/ the email password?
    [1:11:23 PM] jay khan: 1st Ltn 5th with 92% EXP
    [1:11:23 PM] danny: ?
    [1:11:27 PM] jay khan: so captain 1st
    [1:11:30 PM] jay khan: close
    [1:11:37 PM] danny: Hold on
    [1:11:41 PM] danny: its the red rank?
    [1:11:42 PM] danny:
    [1:11:44 PM] jay khan: yes ofcourse
    [1:11:45 PM] danny: ILL BUY IT
    [1:11:50 PM] danny: We will do Middle man
    [1:11:54 PM] jay khan: yes red
    [1:12:03 PM] jay khan: yes middleman
    [1:12:18 PM] danny: So you will include the email/email password?
    [1:12:26 PM] jay khan: yes
    [1:12:29 PM] danny: good
    [1:12:34 PM] danny: Can you save this account for me
    [1:12:38 PM] jay khan: i have all the info
    [1:12:38 PM] danny: I can have this by tuedays
    [1:12:41 PM] danny:
    [1:12:43 PM] danny: Please save it for me
    [1:12:50 PM] danny: I only have 20$ atm
    [1:12:59 PM] danny: Hold on
    [1:13:02 PM] jay khan: oh
    [1:13:04 PM] danny: Could you do me a favor?
    [1:13:04 PM] danny:
    [1:13:08 PM] danny: 200UGC?
    [1:13:10 PM] jay khan: whats that?
    [1:13:12 PM] danny: WOULD BE NICE
    [1:13:21 PM] danny: 20$ ultmate game card
    [1:13:28 PM] danny: ;d
    [1:13:30 PM] danny:
    [1:13:47 PM] danny: I would be really happy if you do 20$..
    [1:13:51 PM] danny: Cuz that all i have right now
    [1:13:52 PM] danny: LMAO
    [1:14:00 PM] jay khan: im not shure its worth more then that
    [1:14:03 PM] jay khan: :/
    [1:14:37 PM] danny: what is the name ?
    [1:14:39 PM] danny: ign?
    [1:14:54 PM] danny: So i can buy name chanbger on the wway
    [1:15:11 PM] jay khan: dmoney54
    [1:15:44 PM] danny: What is the oringal name./?
    [1:16:09 PM] jay khan: wats that??
    [1:16:19 PM] danny: I just searched up your name on ijji
    [1:16:22 PM] danny: doesn''t show up
    [1:16:23 PM] danny: ;/
    [1:16:35 PM] jay khan: thats it
    [1:16:38 PM] jay khan: "/
    [1:16:41 PM] danny: ?
    [1:17:21 PM] jay khan: well if u dnt want the name i have a free name change in the inventory , i put it in the post
    [1:17:32 PM] danny: nono
    [1:17:40 PM] danny: I mean the name of the ava
    [1:17:42 PM] danny: person..
    [1:17:54 PM] danny: username for game *
    [1:17:55 PM] jay khan: ooooo
    [1:17:58 PM] danny: :/
    [1:18:07 PM] jay khan: its
    [1:18:51 PM] jay khan: Luamaro
    [1:19:34 PM] danny: Request for MM?
    [1:19:45 PM] jay khan: ill get one
    [1:20:19 PM] danny: Have you been playing the account?
    [1:20:19 PM] danny:
    [1:20:43 PM] jay khan: hold ima get one from elit****ers , thoes are the only ones i trust
    [1:20:51 PM] jay khan: not much
    [1:21:36 PM] jay khan: i dnt play ava that much no more, i gotta go out to colleage next month so
    [1:25:54 PM] jay khan: danny u there
    [1:26:06 PM] danny: .
    [1:26:07 PM] danny: ;d
    [1:26:08 PM] danny: yrs
    [1:26:12 PM] jay khan: kk lol
    [1:26:19 PM] jay khan: i have a middleman
    [1:26:45 PM] *** jay khan added game tvt ***
    [1:27:09 PM] danny: who is gametvt?
    [1:27:13 PM] game tvt: Good afternoon
    [1:27:25 PM] danny: who are you game tvt?
    [1:27:44 PM] game tvt: I'm the middleman jay called me for a trade
    [1:28:05 PM] jay khan: hey
    [1:28:11 PM] jay khan: is everyone here
    [1:28:40 PM] game tvt: mhm
    [1:30:05 PM] game tvt: I don't have much time , so if you are trying to trade let's do this now pease
    [1:30:18 PM] jay khan: ok
    [1:30:26 PM] jay khan: danny are you there?
    [1:30:54 PM] danny: So
    [1:30:54 PM] jay khan: .....
    [1:30:56 PM] danny: What>?
    [1:31:07 PM] danny: game tvt is from mpgh?
    [1:31:08 PM] jay khan: we need to make the trade now
    [1:31:20 PM] jay khan: no elit****ers
    [1:31:23 PM] danny: o.o
    [1:31:45 PM] jay khan: but he doesnt have much time
    [1:32:24 PM] jay khan: u there?
    [1:32:26 PM] game tvt: Are you ready to proceed ?
    [1:32:35 PM] danny: can you guys give me 5 min?
    [1:32:40 PM] danny: 5 min
    [1:32:41 PM] jay khan: ok
    [1:32:42 PM] danny: REAL FAST
    [1:33:03 PM] game tvt: Please hurry don't have much time
    [1:35:27 PM] danny: Hold on
    [1:35:30 PM] danny: how does this work?
    [1:35:47 PM] danny: Do i give you my UGC in this conversation?
    [1:36:03 PM] game tvt: Of course not
    [1:36:59 PM] game tvt: Each of you , is going to pull a pm with me and give me each of the materials being sold. Danny add me
    [1:37:09 PM] jay khan: oh ok
    [1:39:24 PM] danny: Hey
    [1:39:36 PM] jay khan: ok
    [1:39:39 PM] danny: Can we do mpgh middle man?
    [1:39:55 PM] danny: there is one online
    [1:39:57 PM] jay khan: but i already gave him my account info
    [1:40:02 PM] jay khan: and i dnt trust mpgh
    [1:40:09 PM] jay khan: i got scammed 2 times from there
    [1:40:14 PM] danny: by a mpgh>?
    [1:40:18 PM] jay khan: yes
    [1:40:21 PM] danny: ....
    [1:40:39 PM] game tvt: Danny did u add me?
    [1:42:26 PM] danny: K
    [1:42:28 PM] danny: Add me
    [1:42:33 PM] danny: lets do this
    [1:42:51 PM] game tvt: Ok give a ment
    [1:43:38 PM] game tvt: Ok done
    [1:44:14 PM] jay khan: ... man my back hurts like hell
    [1:44:15 PM] danny: Hold up me take a big shit
    [1:44:18 PM] jay khan: ;(

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    Anyone who refuses a VMM from mpgh should immediately not be trusted. Our VMMs are the best. Common sense man.

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