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    The game is not dead

    I guess if you like hacking and don't like AVA I don't mind.

    But the number of hackers who claim they do it "because aeria sucks" or "because the game is dead" annoy me.

    1. AVA is not dead. The hackers, you guys, ruined it for a little bit, but it is back to working order. The fact is you can scrim for hours until you find one hacker, and I can teamview any hacker and find any hack you have used within the last 6 months even if you delete them. So none of you will ever be able to enter a tournament the moment you run a hack.

    2. Aeria is a little behind on updating the game, but AVA is AVA. Does having a few exp or euro hackers really ruin the game? Not having a map or two? AVA is fun as it is. When you started playing AVA, you did not think it sucked. When did AVA become something more than for fun? When you got mad and decided to hack? Probably when you tried to get serious and you didn't do well, weren't playing well. You thought "why try when I can just hack". Or what about the old "its just exp hacking anyway, im still using skill". Let me tell you something, hacking is hacking. If you are found with any type of hack on your pc, you are out of a tournament. It ruins the game to hack it, in anyway shape or form. This is coming from me, someone who has hacked for other people before, and made 50,000 AP off of it (it was 5,000 G coins at the time).

    Im not saying those of you who hack every game you play for fun shouldn't, but a lot of you should probably consider what it is you want to do in AVA and why you play it. If you want to "get good" or "win iesf" or something it is possible, but not while you are reading hacking forums and hacking in anyway shape or form. This is my encouragement to those of you who know what im talking about.

    A.V.A IeSF 2012 World ChampionShip clanHeat vs aLieNo.1 [elimination 1/2] - YouTube

    Does that look like AVA is dead? For those of you who have no idea, that is competitive ava from the spectators point of view, where they have LEGAL hacks so the viewers like you and me can see what is going on. Hacks can even be used in a correct way, at times .

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    MIKE YOU'RE BACK, REMEMBER ME, anyways. Moved to the correct sub forum.

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    I have my reasons for hating Aeria (banning my first account for no reason f being a minion here).

    Aerias servers have also negatively impacted my gaming. What used to be a low ping is not in the upwards of te 2xx's. I also get random d/c's, and the euro weapons are crap compared to AP only weapons on a much larger scale.

    I don't want AVA to die, I want Aeria to hand it over to a better game distributer.

    Anyways, te tone of your thread is insulting and for that reason it is closed.

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